Day Five in Kindlescout: Running With Monkeys

Still hot and trending! So in case you don’t know, I have a book in Amazon’s Kindlescout program. I could win a publishing contract and part of what I need is for you, the reader to go to the KS site and nominate Running With Monkeys.

The book is about three friends who’ve served in the 2d Armored Division, Hell on Wheels during WWII. In my story, the war is over and the guys are back home playing catch up. The guys who didn’t go to war are way ahead of the curve. Jules can’t find a job that pays a decent wage and gets him out of his flat with a shared bath down the hall. When that job offer comes from Audie’s uncle, it just might be the thing to  help him make up for lost time.

Wouldn’t you know, on the same night he goes for the job he meets a girl. Not just any broad, but a girl that gets his attention. She calls him hero. And maybe that’s true. He did once shoot down a German plane using the 70mm on the half-track. But Nah. He just did the job. He always did the job. And in his life of crime, he won’t be any less…committed.

Here’s where you can nominate Running With Monkeys:



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