Day Four in Kindlescout, Running With Monkeys

Still hot and trending. So thanks for the nominations. Running With Monkeys is a fictionalized account of Jules and his two friends Bobbi and Audie and what it was like for them to find re-entry into society once home from WWII. After victory in Europe it was hard to come back to the States and grovel for a job that paid thirty-five cents an hour. So they got a little more creative. Afterall, there’s not much they were afraid of after what they’d been through overseas.

What is not fiction is their outfit “Hell on Wheels.” If you’re a fan of military history, “Hell on Wheels,” was the 2d Armored Division in the U.S. Army and played a major role in WWII. They invaded North Africa and Sicily. But our heroes enter the war through the Breakout in Normandy and are a part of the outfit’s European campaign–France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the invasion of Germany. The only thing that spares them a D-Day One landing is, another outfit has a few more hours amphibious training. So at the last minute, that outfit knocks them off the top of the list. And we know, 37,000 ground forces were dead on the ground that first day and over 16,000 in the air. Jules, Audie and Bobbi land on day 3. They’ve been waiting on their boat on the English Channel. During the night bombs land very close. Close enough to interrupt their card games which quickly resume.

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