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Bring on the Spotlight! A Podcast Interview: Diane Munier and host/author Bill Ward!

Diane Munier will be the guest of host and author Bill Ward on RRBC’s radio series, Bring On the Spotlight. 

The thirty-minute interview will take place on Thursday, May 26, 11 am CST. Find it here–  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ravereviewsbookclub 

Feel free to send in commments or questions during the interview at:  #RRBCBringOnTheSpotlight

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Running With Monkeys

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Darnay Road


Georgia Green’s house Big White located on Darnay Road

A new review is in for Darnay Road by Mark Schultz. Mark is a wonderful proofreader from http://www.Wordrefiner.com .  Here is his review:

Diane is one of my favorite authors. I love her writing style. She makes very effective use of the First Person POV. I was greatly excited and honored when she asked me to proofread her book.
I was not disappointed in the least by “Darnay Road”. Diane has such a deft touch when she describes the inner thoughts of her characters. Her descriptions of locales, daily activities and the general milieu in her books are top notch.
Growing up in the 60’s was not easy for many people, the societal upheaval was intense. Diane’s characterization of the boys and girls growing up in tumultuous times is uncannily accurate. I grew up in the same era.
You are going to love this book for so many reasons just like me.
“Darnay Road” gets 5 STARS! Congratulations Diane and thank you so much for writing so well.

Thanks Mark!

Darnay Road has just come out in paperback! For those who don’t remember the story, here is the synopsis:

Starts out in summer of 1963. Sweet little ten-year-old Catholic school girl Georgia Christine meets eleven-year-old smoker with armpit hair who really does live on the wrong side of the tracks Easy. She and her best friend who lives across the street, Abigail May, are mystery solvers in their spare time. Abigail has a brother Ricky. He along with Easy and his raggedy brother Cap always sneak out at night.  So in addition to finding out what is beneath the altar in their Catholic church, and why Father Anthony visits Aunt May so late at night, it’s up to Georgia and Abigail to find out where those big boys go!

As Georgia grows closer to Easy, the mysteries keep piling up. That man killed on the tracks…and Miss Little’s smeared red lipstick and her house shut up tight. But the biggest mystery for Georgia is Easy. Why can’t she visit and see how it is?

Georgia believes in this loveable hero, even if Granma has to clean her glasses to see it!

When Easy’s world falls apart, Darnay Road stretches into the unknown. Georgia doesn’t know if she’ll ever she him again. And when years pass and she’s in high school they come for her. “There’s a soldier to see you.”

Friendship blooms into love. But, is Darnay Road strong enough to bridge an ocean?

Long enough to lead Georgia to finally see for herself the place Easy calls home?


You may purchase it here:

Deep in the Heart of Me


Deep in the Heart of Me is a story that takes place in the years between the Depression and WW2. Tonio is the oldest son of a large farming family. He’s steeped in the security of their traditions and skill. The Depression doesn’t touch them like others due to the innovation of Tonio’s father and uncles. They haul gas and make a tidy profit.

It’s beneath Tonio to have to walk his sisters to school. He calls them the gaggle. But that’s just what he’s doing when the black Ford passes them on their country road. It’s just a glance, a girl, sitting with her father, the new sheriff. Just a glance that turns Tonio upside down and changes everything.

Deep in the Heart of Me is a story of a boy’s plunge into manhood. Smart as a rule, Tonio is heart over head. Too big for his britches? Definitely. Tall, handsome, brave. The world or at least Clannan land is his kingdom. He owns his mother’s, heart. His father has planted Tonio his own grove of pecan trees. He walks with a wide graceful stride.

But while Sobe Bell invades his young heart, someone invades Clannan land. While love brings out Tonio’s gentle side, the invader brings out the angry pride of a reckless warrior.

Tonio will act on both fronts.  And what he puts in motion takes on a momentum that captures them all.

Available on Amazon in ebook or print:



Thank you Mark!

My proofreader Mark Schultz has graciously mentioned me in a recent interview on Bookwormex. Shout-out to Mark! If you need a sharp pair of eyes on your writing, for editing or proofing, Mark is the guy. In the meantime, this writer wishes to thank Mark and his brilliant dog Grizz for helping me along this writing journey. I am slowly working on shining my babies and putting them in print. I have gone about my writing career in my usual cart-before-horse fashion, but Mark is helping me put it all right. Thanks Mark!

Here’s the interview — https://bookwormex.com/mark-schultz-proofreader-interview/

Here’s where you can find Mark: http://www.wordrefiner.com/

Rochelle Allison, Author of Heavenly Bodies, Reviews Running With Monkeys!

Thanks to Rochelle Allison for her review of my new book Running With Monkeys.
The thing I love about Munier’s stories is the attention to detail (specifically, the accurate and realistic dialogue, authentic to the time, mentions of places and events…storytelling like this couldn’t be more real.) Maybe Diane Munier is a time traveler.
Anyway, I quickly fell head over heels for the devilishly handsome Jules and his sassy, sweet Isbe. He’s a lover and a fighter, a sweet talker and a bad boy. She’s pure and innocent outwardly, but she’s no doormat. Their lush romance is kept spicy by the way these two lovebirds constantly butt heads; two strong personalities. But so real. You’ll find yourself rooting for these two, as well as the cast of characters that sounds this out – Audie, Francis, Doris and Bobby. They’re living the American dream, right down to flirting with its seedy underbelly…

Safe to say I loved this rollicking novel. So much to appreciate, from the plot to the characterizations. A true pleasure to read, and hard to put down.

Having followed this writer’s work, I knew I had to read this one and I was not disappointed. The writer knows just how to put heart and drama in her story so you can’t wait to turn the next page.

Running With Monkeys is available on Amazon in Kindle book and Print.

News! Running With Monkeys Live on Amazon!

Running With Monkeys is live today on Amazon!


Diane Munier: I Write Love!

Running With Monkeys. Last Day in Kindlescout!


This is it! Last chance to nominate this story in Kindlescout. Running With Monkeys is a story about one man coming home from WW2 to a cold-water flat. It’s a story of friends who have witnessed the great European campaign and lived through it without a scratch only to find they are behind the eight-ball at home. It’s a love story. Jules and Isbe meet and he knows he has a lot to do to be worthy of a girl like her.

Here’s where you can vote if you haven’t already: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/KBJLVQYHJ8AW

Thanks so much.


Running With Monkeys. One Day Left in Kindlescout!




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Running With Monkeys. Two Days Left in Kindlescout!


My Kindlescout campaign is starting to sing, “Thanks for the Memories.” In two days it will end and nominators will receive a notice. If it’s selected you will, in time, receive a free ebook. If it’s not, stay tuned for notice of its publication on Amazon.

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