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Bring on the Spotlight! A Podcast Interview: Diane Munier and host/author Bill Ward!

Diane Munier will be the guest of host and author Bill Ward on RRBC’s radio series, Bring On the Spotlight. 

The thirty-minute interview will take place on Thursday, May 26, 11 am CST. Find it here–  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ravereviewsbookclub 

Feel free to send in commments or questions during the interview at:  #RRBCBringOnTheSpotlight

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Seven Days to Go in Kindlescout, Running With Monkeys!


WW2 had a great influence on Jazz music. In Running With Monkeys, hero Jules and heroine Isbe fall under love’s spell in a Jazz club called Shiney’s.

Just like Jazz comforted the soldiers abroad, it motivated the people at home. And interestingly enough, by contrast, Hitler banned Jazz and swing music from Germany in 1939.

Yet one type of music resonated between those opposing life views. During the Battle of the Bulges, the same Christmas music could be heard playing from both sides of the battle.

Running With Monkeys is up for a publishing contract in Amazon’s Kindlescout. Your nomination is an important factor in the book being selected. So please vote. If selected, you will receive a free copy of RWM.

Here’s the site: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/KBJLVQYHJ8AW


Eight Days to Go in Kindlescout for Running With Monkeys!


Running With Monkeys is on the countdown in the Kindlescout program. Your vote matters!  If you missed voting in the presidential election, there is still a way you can have a voice! Vote for Running With Monkeys! (A stretch? Yeah, a little.) Here’s the site where you can nominate this book for a publishing contract. If the book is chosen at the end of the campaign, you, the voters, will receive a free copy.

And thanks!




Nine Days Left in Kindlescout!


Dear Santa,

Please let every reader who looks at this message let their fingers move like Dasher, Dancer, and Vixen to the Kindlescout site and nominate Running With Monkeys for publication thereby setting themselves up to receive a free copy should I get my Christmas wish.

P. S. Santa, did you vote? Here’s the site:  https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/KBJLVQYHJ8AW


Ten Days Left in Kindlescout!


This book is up for nomination in the Kindlescout program. I would appreciate your vote as running a lively campaign is one of the components that will help Running With Monkeys win a publishing contract.

Here’s the site where you can vote:  https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/KBJLVQYHJ8AW

If selected, you will receive a free copy. Thanks!

Eleven Days Left in Kindlescout!

Running With Monkeys is a story about a man walking a ledge. Can he back away successfully? He’s seen a lot for a guy in his twenties. Can he and his buddies figure out a path now that they a…

Source: Eleven Days Left in Kindlescout!

Eleven Days Left in Kindlescout!


Running With Monkeys is a story about a man walking a ledge. Can he back away successfully? He’s seen a lot for a guy in his twenties. Can he and his buddies figure out a path now that they are home from the European campaign? Jules chucked his uniform the minute he got off the ship in New York, but he can’t shake a cold-water room with the bath down the hall without cash. Bobby’s uncle takes a chance on them, but it’s Audie’s uncle that gives them an opportunity to make up for lost time. That’s if…they don’t get caught and do time.

Running With Monkeys needs your nomination as part of Kindlescout’s selection process for publication. If you’ve voted…thanks so much. If you haven’t, here’s the site:  https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/KBJLVQYHJ8AW


Twelve Days Left in Kindlescout


If you haven’t voted for my book Running With Monkeys there’s still time. Kindlescout is Amazon’s publishing program. Once they accept a book as a candidate for publication, the readers can vote on it. If the book is selected, all voters get a free copy. In RWM, my hero is Jules. He’s just home from WW2 where he’s been fighting across Europe with the rest of the monkeys, in this case, Audie and Bobby. This is the story of their re-entry into polite society. Enter Isbe, Francis, and Dorie…and that job with Audie’s uncle–the connected guy.

It’s a run with the monkeys.

Vote here:  https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/KBJLVQYHJ8AW

Thirteen Days Left in Kindlescout, Running With Monkeys


Running With Monkeys is currently in the Kindlescout campaign. This means it is up for a publishing contract and your vote matters in the selection criteria. Thanks to over six hundred who have already visited the site. I am asking for you to throw your…sock hat into the ring.

You can learn more about this post WW2 romantic drama, and vote on this and other really neat books, all of which are free to you, the voter, should they be chosen.





Fourteen Days Left in Kindlescout

My new book Running With Monkeys is up for a publishing contract with Kindlescout. Your vote matters in this process. If you’ve already visited the site and nominated RWM, a hearty thanks. If you have not–would you do a good deed?

Here’s the site:  https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/KBJLVQYHJ8AW



Fifteen Days Left in Kindlescout

poster-child-bRunning With Monkeys has a dab over two weeks to go in the Kindlescout program. Your vote matters and I thank the six hundred of you that have visited the site for this work of fiction. Like most fiction, it’s a fun house mirror on reality. Hell on Wheels was a very real armored division that spearheaded the European campaign during WW2. RWM is about a guy named Jules and a girl he meets soon after coming home. Isbe is right when she calls him Hero. Jules had survived two years of hellacious fighting. He’d once single-handedly shot down a German aircraft with an antitank gun bolted onto a halftrack. That’s how the war had been. It often came down to the heroism of one soldier, and Jules was that soldier.

But bravery in battle doesn’t always translate to success in peacetime. The tactics of war and survival aren’t always appreciated by the folks at home. Jules and the monkeys are challenged by the new front at home. Love of country becomes love of three operators from Illinois Bell. Running With Monkeys is a story of transition.

Here’s where you can nominate the story:  https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/KBJLVQYHJ8AW






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