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Bring on the Spotlight! A Podcast Interview: Diane Munier and host/author Bill Ward!

Diane Munier will be the guest of host and author Bill Ward on RRBC’s radio series, Bring On the Spotlight. 

The thirty-minute interview will take place on Thursday, May 26, 11 am CST. Find it here–  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ravereviewsbookclub 

Feel free to send in commments or questions during the interview at:  #RRBCBringOnTheSpotlight

Bring on the Spotlight is a production of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB’S RAVE WAVE BlogTalkRadioSeries.


Deep in the Heart of Me

Field DayDrumroll…it’s live on Amazon. Today. Deep in the Heart of Me. It was not selected by Kindle Scout but it’s a book of almosts and darned nears. Like all those kids that didn’t make prom queen but were on prom court. Like all those oscar nominees who didn’t take home the statue. Like all of those astronauts that ended up working a slide rule. You get my point. It’s still mine!

And what writer doesn’t know Rejection? This writer knows Rejection! And this writer still writes! This writer is hated by some. Meeh-ed by some. Loved by some. And it’s those I write for. The lovers. So thanks to all supporters. And detractors. I learn from all.

Here is where you can find Tonio, Sobe, and Deep in the Heart of Me leaning on a lamppost waiting to be read:


Perfect Summer Reading!

Look How You Turned Out


Synopsis:  ‘ve known Marcus since around junior high when he moved to town and got a job at the station where Artie is chief of police. Marcus was this young married guy with a baby on the way, and I was just starting to feel tingly about males. Well, he was right on time, the gas in the tank of my fantasies. What motivation! If I had a nickel for every time I imagined Marcus telling me to do bad things and professing undying love for me while I did them, I could lay those nickels end to end all the way to the moon…three times.
I was in my first year of college when I heard he was going through a divorce. He had a little boy, five at the time. I tried to express my sincerest sympathy to him one night in our kitchen during my father’s annual, have the guys and their wives over Christmas party. But Marcus had custody of his son, and at Dad’s insistence brought him along. I don’t even think Marcus had a beer, and as I remember he’d patted my head instead of…anything else, and thanked me for my kind words like I was Laura Ingalls and he was Mr. Edwards. I was thinking more along the lines of Lolita and a way less disgusting HH.


Day 26 in Kindle Scout–In Review

It’s over. Deep in the Heart of Me is now in Review in the Kindle Scout program. 190 hours in Hot and Trending. 2148 total page views.

Big thanks to all who took the time to nominate me. Whew! I think I made a decent showing. I will announce here what my fate its. Either way, it’s been a great launch for DitHoM. Either way, it will be published on Amazon. I will be letting you know. Must go. Must write!

Day 26–Last Day on Kindle Scout

Oh, my. This is it. To my great joy, my view total reached 2041 yesterday. So the last three days 173 (I wrote 6 new chapters of FanFiction that day and asked for votes and bam I went Hot and Trending), 310 (my Thunderclap rolled out, and I wrote 3 more chapters of FF), and yesterday 140 (momentum). So thank you all who responded. Thanks, Fran and Judy and RRBC.

It’s been fun. I’ll write my final total tomorrow morning, then we wait and see. If I don’t make it, I’ll be self-publishing, like always. Either way, Deep in the Heart of Me is coming out!

The link: kindlescout.amazon.com/p/2GGMKWUKVWYQY​

Also, if you’d like to be on my email list, my email is: dianemunierauthor@gmail.com​

Day 25 in Kindle Scout

My Kindle Scout campaign ends tomorrow. So I need your votes for the final push. Yesterday…Thunderclap went out…drumroll…310 votes. Wow. Thank you all who voted and thank you FanFiction readers. I have been on the Hot and Trending list for 30 hours now, and would love to stay there until this campaign ends so please if you haven’t voted, now is the time! And thank you all for making this really exciting.

Go here to vote: kindlescout.amazon.com/p/2GGMKWUKVWYQY​

Make this a great day. I plan to!​

Day 24 in Kindle Scout

My oh my! 1591 total page views in Kindle Scout for my book Deep in the Heart of Me. It is up for a publishing contract with Amazon and it has gone Hot and Trending! I’m thanking all who have voted, particularly the 173 who voted yesterday and pushed me into the H and T category. Thanks!

Today at noon my Thunderclap goes out through 133,124 social media sites asking for votes. There are only 2 days left and you can only vote once. So don’t dally! And I thank you so much for supporting me.

Link: kindlescout.amazon.com/p/2GGMKWUKVWYQY​

Tomorrow a Giant Thunderclap!

Tomorrow at 12 pm my Thunderclap goes forth into all the social media land! Well, not all of it. But a bunch of it–131,894 pages of various…ness–FB, and Twitter!

The Thunderclap is an announcement asking you to vote for Deep in the Heart of Me on Kindle Scout. I have a book up for a publishing contract in the KS program. And I’m hoping for a big response.

Thanks to all who helped me on this, who begged for me, who supported me. RRBC has been tremendous, and also Fran and Judy and followers from way back who supported me in FanFiction and had​ stayed on the crazy train with me as I’ve self-published. You know I love you.

You can still hop on the Thunderclap if you want that gold star from me! Here is the link: http://thndr.me/nxQUDr


Day 23 in Kindle Scout

There are 3 days left before my Kindle Scout publishing campaign ends for Kindle Scout. I am at 1418 views. The stakes are a contract for Deep in the Heart of Me with Kindle Scout. Your vote matters. So if you have nominated my book, I am very grateful. If you haven’t, now is the time for all good folks to come to the aid of this book! It’s two clicks. If the book makes it, it’s yours. And you can nominate two others. Same deal. You can end up with three really good stories to read.

Here is the link: kindlescout.amazon.com/p/2GGMKWUKVWYQY​

Happy Monday!​

Day 22 in Kindle Scout

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful fathers out there.

Saturday was a great day for Deep in the Heart of Me in the Kindle Scout publishing program–108 page views! The grand total at this point–1386.

And 4 days to go. The campaign ends on the 23rd.

Please vote here to help me win a publishing contract for this book.



Day 21 in Kindle Scout

Let me tell you about my rock n roll life. I’m shifting the big rocks from one garden to another. Some are so big I can only roll them!

Only 5 days to go for Deep in the Heart of Me in Kindle Scout. And…3 days until they roll out my Thunderclap for Deep in the Heart of Me. This is an announcement asking 131, 878 and plus to vote for DitHoM on Kindle Scout.

I am hoping for a big finish. And you have a front row seat! What will it be? Palm fronds and laurel wreaths​ or “Let out the lions!”

Oh…the votes: 1278 total page views. Have you voted for me? Only you can save me. The lions are roaring!

The links:

Kindle Scout: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/2GGMKWUKVWYQY​

Thunderclap: http://thndr.me/nxQUDr


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