Garlic…What? And Writing Part 3

I just read my other two blogs on garlic and writing. I really didn’t think I’d written them. I had to check to make sure I did. I actually decided I didn’t write them. Then I realized I did write them. So here is part 3.

I almost bought a lot of garlic off of Facebook Marketplace today. I mean…a lot of garlic. Like a clove for every book I’ve ever loved. And that is the only correlation I can make between garlic and writing for today, and it’s really about garlic and reading.

But just last Sunday I had a spaghetti feast here and made a mountain of garlic bread to go along with the pasta. And here’s the thing…garlic lingers. It is a lingerer. In the air, on the breath, in the throat, the body. Garlic does not go gently into that good night…it grabs onto the tonsils and radiates.

But I think it was the lingering I was going for. Writing…lingers. It stays. Yesterday’s words can become strangers, but should they be swabbed for DNA, the author is exposed. The little bastards are yours.

And in this case…mine.

Garlic and writing. Why am I being brought back here? Why can’t I get free?




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