Upcoming Publications

  1. Bea and the Ex-con – Release Date TBD


Cody is fresh out of the big house and Bea is his new boss.

2. Roar Like a Lion – Release Date TBD


1936, Grayson and Jack work as loggers. They work hard and play harder. Etta and Raymond come to the camp to open the school. Problem is the unmarried men have a great time running off the teachers. When Grayson sees Etta a roar starts to build inside. She’s everything he can’t stand. And he’s pretty despicable. Trouble.

3. Running With Monkeys – Release Date TBD


1946.  The boys are home from the war. Jules meets Isbe at the movies. Close dancing in a smoky club leads to love. Same night Jules hooks up with the Irish mob. Love is thawing his hard heart, the same one needed for survival in his new and violent world. Isbe vows to stand by but Jules likes it on the edge. When a four-leaf-clover isn’t enough, can love prevail?


4. Deep in the Heart of Me Book One – Release Date TBD


Opens in 1934. Tonio is oldest of nine, farmboy. Sobe is the new lawman’s daughter. She shows up at Tonio’s school. What seems inevitable quickly becomes impossible.

 5. Love Like a Hurricane – Release Date TBD

19 thoughts on “Upcoming Publications

  1. I’m very excited to see you publishing your work, I loved your stories on ff but, left that world because I could not read another story with Bella and Edward. Already following you on amazon.


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