Finding My Thunder

I feel like I found mine. My thunder. Finally. But it took a while. My whole life. It’s a search worth making. For me, it’s the energy and grace (like there’s a difference) for serving others. How to serve others, and not be devoured by the very ones you’re trying to help? Ah. You must find your thunder, beloved. You must be a full-fledged woman (or man, perhaps).

My book, also aptly named FMT is up on the Bargain Booksy Site. It’s the blue book, with the girl. Hilly Grunier. Diane Munier. Get it? Okay.

Here is my view today as I sat on my porch and wrote on my current story tentatively named: Fishbait–Confessions of a No-Gooder. I sent this picture to my good friend Judy. Now I want to share it with you all. I was looking at this scene and trying to figure out the young heroine in my story and she went from light to dark. That’s it. I found her anger and I understood her. She is pissed off and her polite veneer is already lined for the explosion. Crrrack! Thunder!

Writing is the most fascinating process. I’ve enjoyed hearing many people try to explain the process, chart it up and fart out a story. I never know how I’m connected to that kind of thing. But whatever happens in it, we often focus more on the productivity of it rather than the sheer joy of creating a world. And what a mess creation is. Am I willing to make a mess? Let it be a mess? A live and thriving mess?

I have to look at nature when I write. I have to look at what was made and as his image bearer try to find the words to make a world–an old world, I have to touch the old world so you will recognize it—the innate things–told in a new way, with people you want to know more about, even if you don’t like them. Even if they embarrass you, or scare you. I want you to root for them. For me. For yourself. For this life. For this world.

That’s all.




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