Running With Monkeys. Three Days Left in Kindlescout!


You have three days left in which to nominate Running With Monkeys for publication in Amazon’s Kindlescout program. If this book is selected, you get a free copy. If not selected, I will publish it immediately in ebook and paper. Running With Monkeys is the story of three returning veterans of WW2–Chimp, Baboon, and Gorilla. They are young men who have lived through the European campaign, the great American push from D-Day to the liberation of Berlin. They are tough, reckless, and entirely loveable.

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Four Days Left for My Book, Running With Monkeys, in Kindlescout!

I told myself, Girl, when that Kindlescout program is over on December 18th, you better have your Christmas shopping done!

Oh, I’ll be on Amazon today. But not to check my Kindlescout campaign. I’ll be finishing up my list, checking it twice and all that! But you now…if you haven’t voted for this book, will you do so please? The inspiration for my main character, Jules, is a remarkable person. This weekend a rather large group of us are gathering at his home to read aloud a history of the Battle of the Bulge. He went through it and describes it so vividly he brings you there with him. We want to honor him by taking the historical journey together.

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Five Days to Go in Kindlescout!

Five days to go and what will Santa have in his bag for me? I am open to being surprised! My book, Running With Monkeys is in the Kindlescout line-up, awaiting your nomination for publication. If you do that, I have personally contacted the head elf at the Northpole and Winkie will be glad to fill your stocking with something extra special on my behalf. Now that’s clout! Unfortunately, Winkie has no pull with Kindlescout so I need you!

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Six Days to Go in Kindlescout!


I’m asking for your nomination for my book Running With Monkeys. It’s a love story, a man’s story, a postwar story about a man named Jules and his two buddies, the monkeys, and what happens after they come home from the war. From D-Day 3 to the Battle of the Bulges, these three have been in on the European campaign that liberated Europe. But once home they find it’s hard to get a decent job and the guys that didn’t fight have nice cars and are well established in the peacetime world.

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Seven Days to Go in Kindlescout, Running With Monkeys!


WW2 had a great influence on Jazz music. In Running With Monkeys, hero Jules and heroine Isbe fall under love’s spell in a Jazz club called Shiney’s.

Just like Jazz comforted the soldiers abroad, it motivated the people at home. And interestingly enough, by contrast, Hitler banned Jazz and swing music from Germany in 1939.

Yet one type of music resonated between those opposing life views. During the Battle of the Bulges, the same Christmas music could be heard playing from both sides of the battle.

Running With Monkeys is up for a publishing contract in Amazon’s Kindlescout. Your nomination is an important factor in the book being selected. So please vote. If selected, you will receive a free copy of RWM.

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Eight Days to Go in Kindlescout for Running With Monkeys!


Running With Monkeys is on the countdown in the Kindlescout program. Your vote matters!  If you missed voting in the presidential election, there is still a way you can have a voice! Vote for Running With Monkeys! (A stretch? Yeah, a little.) Here’s the site where you can nominate this book for a publishing contract. If the book is chosen at the end of the campaign, you, the voters, will receive a free copy.

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Nine Days Left in Kindlescout!


Dear Santa,

Please let every reader who looks at this message let their fingers move like Dasher, Dancer, and Vixen to the Kindlescout site and nominate Running With Monkeys for publication thereby setting themselves up to receive a free copy should I get my Christmas wish.

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Ten Days Left in Kindlescout!


This book is up for nomination in the Kindlescout program. I would appreciate your vote as running a lively campaign is one of the components that will help Running With Monkeys win a publishing contract.

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If selected, you will receive a free copy. Thanks!

Eleven Days Left in Kindlescout!

Running With Monkeys is a story about a man walking a ledge. Can he back away successfully? He’s seen a lot for a guy in his twenties. Can he and his buddies figure out a path now that they a…

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Eleven Days Left in Kindlescout!


Running With Monkeys is a story about a man walking a ledge. Can he back away successfully? He’s seen a lot for a guy in his twenties. Can he and his buddies figure out a path now that they are home from the European campaign? Jules chucked his uniform the minute he got off the ship in New York, but he can’t shake a cold-water room with the bath down the hall without cash. Bobby’s uncle takes a chance on them, but it’s Audie’s uncle that gives them an opportunity to make up for lost time. That’s if…they don’t get caught and do time.

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