Day Six in Kindlescout, Running With Monkeys

Hot and trending! I had more page views yesterday than the day before! Thank you to all who voted.

So today, the day before Thanksgiving, I’ll be cooking. Here is what is different about his year–my husband and I are on the ketogenic diet. That means low, low carbs. No sugar, no flour. High fat, some protein, some good carbs. No um–mashed potatoes. Different version of dressing. Pretty much no on the desserts. And my family is coming and they’ve come to expect a certain traditional meal and there will be changes. Big changes.

And here’s what is great. RWM is still hot and trending. Almost four hundred people have looked at it. It’s my little secret. I write…incognito. Most of my family has no idea I have published books. I will dip out of the room several times tomorrow to see if I’m hot and trending. If I am–that flush in my cheek won’t be from the oven!

When I bow my head in gratitude at the Thanksgiving table here’s what I’ll be saying, “Yes, thank-you that Grandma is with us another year. Thanks for my dad. And…thanks for you know what (Running With Monkeys) being you know what (hot and trending), Amen!”

Now you all have a good one!

Here’s where you can vote:










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