Day 17 In Kindle Scout

I was Hot and Trending for five hours yesterday. For the last three days, my votes have been 60, 62, 56. The Hot and Trending list must be based on everyone’s number of votes at a given time. I can’t figure it out, but then it’s numerical, so that explains it!

I have 1086 total views. And 11 days left to roast over the fire. On June 21st at noon, I have a big ol’ Thunderclap going out across the globe asking for votes. If that doesn’t put me in the Hot category…well darlin’ I’m fresh out of ideas!

I have gotten most of my votes from the KS site, and right under that from Facebook requests (begging).

So that’s how it goes down for today! Have a restful day folks, and thanks for voting. If you haven’t voted, here is the link:

And the magic word–pretty please!

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