Day 16 in Kindle Scout and My Thunderclap is Set!

101 supporters in my Thunderclap this morning! That means it will launch on June 21st! It will be a viral announcement about my Kindle Scout campaign urging 107,580 people to vote for me. As it goes through their social media, it has the potential to be passed on and go even further.

AND when I hit 100 on Thunderclap and made my goal, I hit 1000 on Kindle Scout. 1000 total views there which made me get on the HOT AND TRENDING list once again, which helps me garner more votes. Getting votes is one of the things that the judges consider in okaying an author for publication.

Big thank you to Fran and Judy. Thanks to all who voted. I am seeking to put together an email list of you all so I can reach out in the future concerning this journey and upcoming work. My email is or you can pm me on FB

If you haven’t voted for Deep in the Heart of Me on Kindle Scout, here is the link:

Oh thank you babies. Thank you for everything!

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