Day 16 in Kindle Scout and Day 3 Building a Thunderclap

Yesterday was quite a day for this author. 60 votes in Kindle Scout! A total of 968 page views! Thanks all!

I have 13 days to go. As most of you have heard (from me) I have started a Thunderclap campaign to get the word out about Deep in the Heart of Me being in KS and needing votes. Well, I’ve been…I’ve been…yes relentless…about it. Right now I can’t PM on Facebook or Goodreads as…they have revoked privileges because…I went a little overboard. But I want to thank you all for the quick response to my call to action. I went to sleep (this morning) having crossed the 50 mark to 51! I awoke to 55! And I need 45 more supporters. You are making me believe I will get there.

So I hope you will see this author, not as someone drowning in a sea of social media, but as a writer who yes is in shark infested waters, but has grabbed on to a piece of..fuselage and has stayed afloat thanks to people like you who read…this for sure…and RESPOND to my SOS.

It’s been so much fun. Today I will be doing my usual harrassing/inspiring shoutouts as hopefully my numbers in both endeavors (KS and Thunderclap) climb. Think of my shoutouts as being done in an auctioneer’s voice. That is the proper obnoxious level of my…encouragement.

Aw thanks for reading and voting and putting up with me in general!


Kindle Scout:


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