Day 2 in Thunderclap for Deep in the Heart of Me

Okay, Thunderclap. As I am usually the last to know about anything new or trendy, or not-so-new, I feel a blush that I’m even telling YOU all about something on the thingy–the net.

So here it is. Thunderclap. It is a campaign…about my campaign. I know. I know.

Here is the link where you can vote for me on Thunderclap. It’s two clicks–one to get on the site and one to say you will follow the organizer, and that is–Diane Munier my alter ego who writes. I like her so much better.

Anyway, you are safe in this. You click, and that’s it. You’re in. On June 21st Thunderclap will send you the clap. No, that’s doesn’t sound nice. Rephrasing–Thunderclap will send you and your FB crew one little add asking them (and you) to nominate my book in Kindle Scout. That’s all.

Why do it? It’s a free book thing as well. If I get in, you get a free advanced copy. And you can nominate two others beside me, same deal. Look at the offerings on there. They have already made it through the first selection process so they are an interesting group of books. And you could end up with ​three of them. It’s nice to know about. And that’s it.

I have messaged some of my followers, hit others up on Goodreads, and am emailing others making an appeal. And your response has been so kind and so supportive I have been weepy with gratitude. So thanks. You are making this really fun. I have met more gracious and kind people on here. Your generosity blows me away. I believe in the good people!

Okay. Here is the link:

Two clicks. I am bowing now. Thanks.

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