Day 15 in Kindle Scout for Deep in the Heart of Me

19 more page views! 908 total views! I can see 1000 in the distance. I can see it! Okay. 14 days left. And here’s what I’ve been doing: making FB mad, making Goodreads mad–not mad. I’ve been scolded. If you are going to self-publish or probably publish, in general, be very ready to be scolded. Humbled. It’s a very humbling process. I think that’s why writing attracts so much ego. So much snobbery. People, perceive it to be one thing, and it’s quite another, success not achieved in quite the same way. As a woman once told me, “Bain surgery is easier.” And she was a brain surgeon.

It’s people from all walks of life, all professions. Then writing becomes the melting pot. What you know in your day-job may not mean squat in writing. So how willing are you to go back to the starting line? How willing are you to be critiqued on social media by someone without enough vagina to sign her name?

I was once at a writer’s conference, and there were several tremendously accomplished people. Three of them spent half the conference drinking in their rooms. One left the conference second day. They couldn’t stand the critiques from the instructor.

I loved that guy. He made us grow.

So ego be gone. Of course, it’s only crouching in the corner waiting for the water of success so it can grow once more like a monkey plant.

Here is the Kindle link.

If you haven’t nominated me, please do. You will get a free book if I’m selected. Also, there is other really intriguing work on there. You can nominate three. Same deal. If they make it, you who nominate get the book.

Gotta go. I’m going to tell you again about Thunderclap. Peace!

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