Day 18 in Kindle Scout

I got 56 more views yesterday! Gives me a total of 1,149 views. I have been Hot and Trending 6 hours of the last 48. Most of my traffic is from the KS site, the rest comes from FB. Kindle Scout will often show books in the prominent line-up, that are not Hot and Trending but I have not seen them show mine. That worries me. So we shall see.

My Thunderclap continues to slowly rise. At 109 now. That means I have 127,593 guaranteed social media pages that will show my appeal for votes for Deep in the Heart of Me on Kindle Scout on June 21st at noon, and who knows how far this announcement will go from those pages. It’s very exciting. So thank you for voting and supporting this author. It is deeply appreciated.

The links:

Kindle Scout:



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