Darnay Road


Georgia Green’s house Big White located on Darnay Road

A new review is in for Darnay Road by Mark Schultz. Mark is a wonderful proofreader from http://www.Wordrefiner.com .  Here is his review:

Diane is one of my favorite authors. I love her writing style. She makes very effective use of the First Person POV. I was greatly excited and honored when she asked me to proofread her book.
I was not disappointed in the least by “Darnay Road”. Diane has such a deft touch when she describes the inner thoughts of her characters. Her descriptions of locales, daily activities and the general milieu in her books are top notch.
Growing up in the 60’s was not easy for many people, the societal upheaval was intense. Diane’s characterization of the boys and girls growing up in tumultuous times is uncannily accurate. I grew up in the same era.
You are going to love this book for so many reasons just like me.
“Darnay Road” gets 5 STARS! Congratulations Diane and thank you so much for writing so well.

Thanks Mark!

Darnay Road has just come out in paperback! For those who don’t remember the story, here is the synopsis:

Starts out in summer of 1963. Sweet little ten-year-old Catholic school girl Georgia Christine meets eleven-year-old smoker with armpit hair who really does live on the wrong side of the tracks Easy. She and her best friend who lives across the street, Abigail May, are mystery solvers in their spare time. Abigail has a brother Ricky. He along with Easy and his raggedy brother Cap always sneak out at night.  So in addition to finding out what is beneath the altar in their Catholic church, and why Father Anthony visits Aunt May so late at night, it’s up to Georgia and Abigail to find out where those big boys go!

As Georgia grows closer to Easy, the mysteries keep piling up. That man killed on the tracks…and Miss Little’s smeared red lipstick and her house shut up tight. But the biggest mystery for Georgia is Easy. Why can’t she visit and see how it is?

Georgia believes in this loveable hero, even if Granma has to clean her glasses to see it!

When Easy’s world falls apart, Darnay Road stretches into the unknown. Georgia doesn’t know if she’ll ever she him again. And when years pass and she’s in high school they come for her. “There’s a soldier to see you.”

Friendship blooms into love. But, is Darnay Road strong enough to bridge an ocean?

Long enough to lead Georgia to finally see for herself the place Easy calls home?


You may purchase it here:

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