Deep in the Heart of Me


Deep in the Heart of Me is a story that takes place in the years between the Depression and WW2. Tonio is the oldest son of a large farming family. He’s steeped in the security of their traditions and skill. The Depression doesn’t touch them like others due to the innovation of Tonio’s father and uncles. They haul gas and make a tidy profit.

It’s beneath Tonio to have to walk his sisters to school. He calls them the gaggle. But that’s just what he’s doing when the black Ford passes them on their country road. It’s just a glance, a girl, sitting with her father, the new sheriff. Just a glance that turns Tonio upside down and changes everything.

Deep in the Heart of Me is a story of a boy’s plunge into manhood. Smart as a rule, Tonio is heart over head. Too big for his britches? Definitely. Tall, handsome, brave. The world or at least Clannan land is his kingdom. He owns his mother’s, heart. His father has planted Tonio his own grove of pecan trees. He walks with a wide graceful stride.

But while Sobe Bell invades his young heart, someone invades Clannan land. While love brings out Tonio’s gentle side, the invader brings out the angry pride of a reckless warrior.

Tonio will act on both fronts.  And what he puts in motion takes on a momentum that captures them all.

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