Another 4.0, a New Adult Novel by Author Denise Leora Madre


What is Denise’s debut novel, Another 4.0, about? She sums it up like this: Daria Nelson’s life seems perfect. She’s the apple of her father’s eye, the love of Maurice’s life, and a straight-A sophomore at Howard University. But all is not as it seems. Daria is angry with her father…because her father is angry with her. After all this time, Adrian Nelson still doesn’t like Maurice, an attitude which makes no sense to his daughter. Maurice is the handsome owner of a successful West Philly barbershop and the kind of guy any girl would be lucky to have. So what’s not to like? Well, no, he hasn’t exactly supported Daria’s decision to matriculate some 150 miles away, but college hasn’t been everything Daria expected either. Though confident in her choice of English as a major, she has no idea what she wants to do with her life and feels constant pressure to figure it out. And with all these issues jockeying for her attention, all Daria wants is peace and another 4.0.

Here’s what I have to say in reviews:

Goodreads: I just read Denise Leora Madre’s little gem of blood, sweat, and tears, Another 4.0. With new Gilmore Girl movies on the horizon, and looking forward to watching those movies with my girls, this is a read I will also pass onto my daughters. I love the profile on the cover. You can see the hope in that lifted cheek and the clutch on those books.

Amazon: A chastity belt made of holy titanium! Maurice promised to love her better–she promised to let him! She’s a girl pursuing higher education–sometimes wearing fuzzy slippers and eating pizza. Father love. And Maurice love. The quest for a 4.0, but wait a minute–a C-!

Dad says too much. And Maurice says barely enough.

Another 4.0 is aptly titled. A new adult love story that will set your feet in the halls of Howard University and delight you. Madre’s voice is full of energy and light. She’s a star.

Here’s where to find out more:

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