Deep in the Heart of Me

Field DayDrumroll…it’s live on Amazon. Today. Deep in the Heart of Me. It was not selected by Kindle Scout but it’s a book of almosts and darned nears. Like all those kids that didn’t make prom queen but were on prom court. Like all those oscar nominees who didn’t take home the statue. Like all of those astronauts that ended up working a slide rule. You get my point. It’s still mine!

And what writer doesn’t know Rejection? This writer knows Rejection! And this writer still writes! This writer is hated by some. Meeh-ed by some. Loved by some. And it’s those I write for. The lovers. So thanks to all supporters. And detractors. I learn from all.

Here is where you can find Tonio, Sobe, and Deep in the Heart of Me leaning on a lamppost waiting to be read:

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