Day 9 in Kindle Scout

Ten more votes yesterday! Up to 787 total votes. 53% from the KS site and the rest from Facebook. Hearing remnants of “Staying Alive” in the back of mind, and yes, seeing Travolta in the white pantsuit, hand raised in the air.

I have faced my mortality. Live to see another day. Seize the day. Make a good day. One day at a time. Day by day. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. This too shall pass. All things pass. Pass me not. I pass.


Thanks to all who voted. If you’re thinking of voting, there are twenty days in which to do that. But don’t put it off too long. Like don’t go twenty-one days! Okay. Here’s what will happen if you vote–not only will your ‘good person’ meter spike up–way up, but I see a turkey in your future. I can’t explain it, but sometime in the future you will either get a pet turkey or eat turkey. But turkey is coming. So please vote for me!

Ah, the link:

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