Moms on Missions: Book 1 of the Mommageddon Series Kindle Edition by Jess Molly Brown

A must read! The hot off the press 5-Star edition of Jess Molly Brown’s new book, Moms on Missions.

Jess explains the Kindle Book like this:

Artist Vince Russo wants to advance his career but his devout mother, Diana, wants grandchildren. Vince lives in Niagara Falls and he doesn’t even date!

Diana joins the Moms on Missions (“MOM”), who strive to better the lives of their clients’ kids. MOM installs Vince’s fantasy girl upstairs in the duplex where he lives.

Their pick for Vince is sick of dancing to her mother’s tune, so she certainly won’t admit she finds her sensitive, playful neighbour sexy. However, she’d love to make him her pseudo-boyfriend to get MOM off her back.

Will these young rebels come together organically, or is there no hope for their moms?

Jess Molly is a wonderful writer. I just bought my copy and review will follow. For a fun summer read, this is a good one.

Link to Jess Molly’s book:

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