RRBC Interview with Bill Ward AND a Book in Kindle Scout

This morning is my interview with Bill Ward. I can go hours in the morning without speaking. When I do I can sound like I smoke two packs a day, and…non-smoker here. So my cat is staring at me, swatting at me with claws out while I recite the alphabet. I don’t want to scare Bill. Here is a link to the interview:


You can twitter during the interview:


The other thing:

I posted my stats on FB this morning for the Kindle Scout program and my book Deep in the Heart of Me. Here they are again:

28days left
Start date: May 25, 2016
End date: June 24, 2016
Hours in Hot & Trending
Total campaign page views

I want to thank all 378 of you! You can keep voting! If you wanna! And I will keep sharing the ride.

MAKE a great day!


And here’s a little shout-out to Bill Ward:




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