Day One in the Kindle Scout Program

I woke up, reached for my laptop (instead of exercising, but lifting that thing first hing in the morning–you should see my bicep) to see how the launch of my book Deep in the Heart of Me was going. “Time to be publicly humiliated,” I said. But lo and behold, it is currently hot. That means you all have voted. Thank you so much!  Next, it’s off to work. Well, I have to get ready first. But I don’t take long for that. What you see is what you get. On Wednesdays, a dear friend brings me black coffee, Texas Tea. She’s getting me hooked, but man she can take it like a…woman. It’s strong–unapologetic. We have some of the best conversations over that brew. It makes me hyper, which doesn’t show up, it’s internal. I blink like…a lot.


So here is the link again for the voting–

Field DayYes, it is ongoing. Like flossing. Floss and vote! I wub you.


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