Darnay Road

Big Whitecanstockphoto5994340[1]

Georgia and Abigail May’s houses sit across from each other on Darnay Road. They call Georgia’s house Big White, and Abigail’s, Big Gray.

Georgia and Abigail are best friends. They make up the Darnay Spies. They are out to solve mysteries.

One of their most important mysteries concerns the boys who live on the other side of the tracks in a neighborhood Granma calls the slums.

Georgia is ten years old when she first meets Easy. He whistles at her as she whizzes past on her roller skates and she forgets to take the corner and shoots into the street.

Happy to escape death, she has to solve the mystery of the boy who lives on his bike with the banana seat and butterfly handlebars

.canstockphoto19751434This is Easy when Georgia meets him.

One night they sneak to the trestle bridge. Georgia rides there on the handlebars of Easy’s bike. He is very strong, and like she thought, very brave.


canstockphoto1306748[1]It’s a magical thing to live on Darnay Road. And one summer slips into another. When duty calls and an ocean separates them, will Darnay be long enough to keep them connected?



Read Darnay Road.

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