Me and Mom Fall for Spencer

She’s never launched…then he moves in next door. Who buys a house where someone was murdered?

canstockphoto20187707[1]But he sings songs about her….

and he likes the dogs, Ned…Ted…and Luckycanstockphoto24129662[1]and he even likes to help her at the farmer’s marketcanstockphoto27255154[1]so….naturallycanstockphoto23689268[1]but there are complications. She has always been different. And Mom likes him, too. And there are all the secrets he holds…she holds…his house holds…the street holds….can it ever be this…canstockphoto10441580[1]or is that a fairytale, the one she’s worked hard to avoid…until now?  Read 1available on Amazon. 2.99

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