Okay, here’s the deal. I told you on my FB yesterday that two things were broken, my dryer and my new coffee maker. Well someone said beware, these things come in threes. Well the third thing to break was me. I got up this morning and yikes I could hardly move. Turns out I was ‘out of line.’ So now having been lined up I have to rest.

I told you earlier I’m launching a book Saturday. Darnay Road. I had an idea that between now and Saturday I’d like to put my Counselor hat on and be an advice columnist. So for the next four days leading up to the launch, I would ask anyone who is interested to send me your question and I’ll try to answer. This isn’t about me, it’s about you. I’ll just be your mama, or your big sis, or your Aunt Jodie or something. I ask that kindness prevails. Kindness.

Here’s the thing, I reserve the right to not have an answer, thereby not responding, or to edit the question to fit the blog. I will ask you to email the questions to and keeping your name out of it I’ll repeat your question and answer here. Use an alias and I’ll do my best to protect any private info.

By participating you agree I can post your question and that this is for information and entertainment only and I am not liable for anything resulting from my advice. All advice given will come thoughtfully and with good intention. My opinions are just that and you can take or leave them. And you understand I am in no way substituting myself for professional, in person counseling.

Okay. Open for business. I hope I don’t starve. But I love scaring myself on a regular basis. And when I have to rest I get tons of crazy ideas. Okay, I’ll shut up. Waiting.

2 thoughts on “Counselor

  1. I have started to write the next book in the Tonio story. I’m messing with titles. I love: A Young Married Man, for this book. I should be working on that now, by the way, but I’m messing around on social media instead! I have not left FF. I just want to keep all options open. Thanks for asking.

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  2. Do you plan on ever writing Twilight fan fiction again, or are you totally going original fiction now? (not that any oif your stories aren’t yours, just meaning no Edward and Bella)


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