Hello Readers

I have entered the self-pub arena like a lot of you out there. This Saturday I am launching my third title, Darnay Road. Many of you are familiar with this story as you were with me in its development. You know I treasure you as readers. Why? Because my tried and true readers get what I’m trying to do. What am I trying to do? Have a true voice. I am not expecting to be loved by the masses. I’ve never sought that. To me, that is a tough place and it always seems you must give up your true self to be loved by many. I am looking for those who get me. I know I’m different. I am different in life so why wouldn’t that show up in my writing?

I know, it’s adolescent to think you’re different. But I am old enough to know my approach to life is in a more narrow category. And here’s the kicker. If I were a blood type I would be universal. I am not held out of any one social group. I fit well with most and it’s not because I have adaptability on some high level. Rather, it’s because I am genuinely interested in people. That’s all. I love and respect people. I believe they are worthy of that until they teach me otherwise. And I do that with an openness based on knowledge. I’m not naive or in denial. I have seen too much. But I stay open. I think that’s the secret to eternal youth. Stay open. Being right is not enough. Being right is a lonely old road. Stay open. Keep giving of yourself. Keep loving.

6 thoughts on “Hello Readers

  1. I’ve never thought of your stories as pure escapism – I look to them as sources of comfort, wisdom, insight. Your stories contain truths that are core to many belief systems, and, I believe, therein lies your appeal. Although many of your stories contain rites of passage themes, they’re not targeted to appease a specific audience. You may feel that your approach to life (and in following, your writing) may be narrow, but I find your writing to be the exact opposite. You embrace the fragility of life and the foibles of humanity with a tenderness and compassion that is both breathtaking and far-reaching. Have faith, my friend.


  2. Perfectly stated and I understand where you are coming from. We reach point in our lives we are tired of pleasing everyone. You’re writing is not going to appeal to everyone but there are many many people who will “get it” and love it. I do.


  3. I get you and I feel in your writing that you get me too. I am able to relate to your characters and their situations more than any other writer I can recall.


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