The Miserable/Exhilarating Valley of Change

I’m getting ready to hang it up. Sounds drastic, no? Well, it is drastic. I’m in one of those places–spaces. I’m not good at ending things. I kind of love people who can’t end things worth a damn. I’m good at good-byes. I like them short and sweet. But I can’t end things I invest in. Invest what? Me. Time. Me.

So I’m in a career change. I’m hanging up something I busted my butt to develop and grow. I really can’t imagine my life without it. Nor can I continue in it.

Oh, misery.

And knowing I shouldn’t…perceive it this way–it became a huge chunk of my identity. Which is, on the deepest level, a bunch of baloney. I am not what I do. Well, I sort of am, but only temporarily. Once I stop doing it, yeah, I have to know something more about myself.

I love that part in Lord of the Rings where Lady Galadriel says, “I shall diminish…”

I am getting ready to diminish on one front, and rise up like a tempest on another.

But right now, I’m in that valley between. I have a lot of loose ends to tie up. A lot to do to complete one journey and prepare for another.


4 thoughts on “The Miserable/Exhilarating Valley of Change

  1. Rising up like a tempest sounds pretty exciting. I have no doubt you’ll accomplish whatever you set out to do. I’ll be thinking of you.


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