Lovers and Language

Lovers often have their own language. I mean literally. I remember dating my husband and having words between the two of us, almost…baby talk. Yeah, it pains me to say that. It was…baby talk. I can barely own this. He refuses. To own it. But I’m writing it here to make a permanent record. It happened, people. Oh yes, it did.

One night a million years ago we were eating supper with my parents. We were in the hot and heavy dating stage, my husband and I and well…he doesn’t have a whisper. He has one tone. It’s on the soft side, but he didn’t come with a volume button. So we were eating dinner and he leaned over and said, “I need wah-wah.”

And my dad said, “Wah-wah?” And my dad and mom took off laughing because…it was the kind of thing my family lived for, you know?

Husband should have gotten out then. But he turned a brilliant red and he weathered it. And he never said wah-wah to me again. And…I never said…whatever happened to wah-wah? Because, yeah I laughed right along with my parents. I tried not to…but come on.



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