Rochelle Allison, Author of Heavenly Bodies, Reviews Running With Monkeys!

Thanks to Rochelle Allison for her review of my new book Running With Monkeys.
The thing I love about Munier’s stories is the attention to detail (specifically, the accurate and realistic dialogue, authentic to the time, mentions of places and events…storytelling like this couldn’t be more real.) Maybe Diane Munier is a time traveler.
Anyway, I quickly fell head over heels for the devilishly handsome Jules and his sassy, sweet Isbe. He’s a lover and a fighter, a sweet talker and a bad boy. She’s pure and innocent outwardly, but she’s no doormat. Their lush romance is kept spicy by the way these two lovebirds constantly butt heads; two strong personalities. But so real. You’ll find yourself rooting for these two, as well as the cast of characters that sounds this out – Audie, Francis, Doris and Bobby. They’re living the American dream, right down to flirting with its seedy underbelly…

Safe to say I loved this rollicking novel. So much to appreciate, from the plot to the characterizations. A true pleasure to read, and hard to put down.

Having followed this writer’s work, I knew I had to read this one and I was not disappointed. The writer knows just how to put heart and drama in her story so you can’t wait to turn the next page.

Running With Monkeys is available on Amazon in Kindle book and Print.

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