Eleven Days Left in Kindlescout!


Running With Monkeys is a story about a man walking a ledge. Can he back away successfully? He’s seen a lot for a guy in his twenties. Can he and his buddies figure out a path now that they are home from the European campaign? Jules chucked his uniform the minute he got off the ship in New York, but he can’t shake a cold-water room with the bath down the hall without cash. Bobby’s uncle takes a chance on them, but it’s Audie’s uncle that gives them an opportunity to make up for lost time. That’s if…they don’t get caught and do time.

Running With Monkeys needs your nomination as part of Kindlescout’s selection process for publication. If you’ve voted…thanks so much. If you haven’t, here’s the site:  https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/KBJLVQYHJ8AW


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