Fifteen Days Left in Kindlescout

poster-child-bRunning With Monkeys has a dab over two weeks to go in the Kindlescout program. Your vote matters and I thank the six hundred of you that have visited the site for this work of fiction. Like most fiction, it’s a fun house mirror on reality. Hell on Wheels was a very real armored division that spearheaded the European campaign during WW2. RWM is about a guy named Jules and a girl he meets soon after coming home. Isbe is right when she calls him Hero. Jules had survived two years of hellacious fighting. He’d once single-handedly shot down a German aircraft with an antitank gun bolted onto a halftrack. That’s how the war had been. It often came down to the heroism of one soldier, and Jules was that soldier.

But bravery in battle doesn’t always translate to success in peacetime. The tactics of war and survival aren’t always appreciated by the folks at home. Jules and the monkeys are challenged by the new front at home. Love of country becomes love of three operators from Illinois Bell. Running With Monkeys is a story of transition.

Here’s where you can nominate the story:






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