Day Eight in Kindlescout, Running With Monkeys

The page visits for my campaign currently running in Kindlescout, my book entitled Running With Monkeys, has a healthy 547 views. So thanks again. In the book, I pay homage to the men who’s division earned the nickname, “Hell on Wheels.” They were an armored division who helped lead the European campaign in WWII. The war often came down to the individual ingenuity and bravery of those men. The stories of heroism were an everyday occurrence. When the soldiers reached their objective, they had fought every step of the way across France, Belguim, Holland, to finally reach Germany, motherland of the enemy. And that enemy was dug in and prepared to fight to the last breath.

After such a vicious campaign, Jules, Bobby, and Audie reach home the victors. But once the pats on the back subside, they are left with the challenge of how to be victors at home. They aren’t sophisticated enough to think in terms of successful relationships, but that’s exactly what they gravitate towards. But how to sustain that when local jobs offer thirty-five to fifty cents an hour and that’s cold-water flat money at best?

Running With Monkeys. It needs your vote as that is an important factor in Amazon’s consideration of this book for a publishing contract. Here’s the site:



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