Day Two, Kindlescout, Running With Monkeys

I’m hot and trending on Kindlescout. Thanks so much to all who have gone to the site and voted for my book. The book. This one has a special grip on me. It comes through the men in my family and the men in my life. I grew up on the stories of World War II. Those men were my heroes. They were anything but PC. But they had been real frontline heroes in the war. I wanted to capture the men of that era. My hero Jules and his two buddies are the epitomai of those who came home from the heat of battle and tried to play catch-up once they were home. On the European front, they had been the victors, but once back in the states, they couldn’t find jobs. Many used the G. I. Bill, but many, like the monkeys, put their own spin on re-entry.

If you haven’t voted, I’d appreciate it.

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