Tomorrow a Giant Thunderclap!

Tomorrow at 12 pm my Thunderclap goes forth into all the social media land! Well, not all of it. But a bunch of it–131,894 pages of various…ness–FB, and Twitter!

The Thunderclap is an announcement asking you to vote for Deep in the Heart of Me on Kindle Scout. I have a book up for a publishing contract in the KS program. And I’m hoping for a big response.

Thanks to all who helped me on this, who begged for me, who supported me. RRBC has been tremendous, and also Fran and Judy and followers from way back who supported me in FanFiction and had​ stayed on the crazy train with me as I’ve self-published. You know I love you.

You can still hop on the Thunderclap if you want that gold star from me! Here is the link:


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