Day 22 in Kindle Scout

Busier yesterday for my book Deep in the Heart of Me on Kindle Scout. Views at 23. Total 1260. Thanks to all who were pushing this on Twitter from #RRBC. And everyone else, virtual hug.

Already did battle with Mr. Muskrat this morning down by the pond. I wanted to mow and he wanted to eat his breakfast in peace so I compromised and cut a big swath around him and he went on eating, very put out, but also not backing down. My kind of guy, but I like my rats…not at all.

If you haven’t voted, here is the link and thanks a lot.

Hope your day is fantastic. I have already watched the sunrise this morning and I should have taken a picture. It was so beautiful. What a gorgeous world God has given us.

Can you hear the British in me this morning? I’ve been watching Season Two of Endeavor on Amazon Prime. It’s all very lovely, isn’t it? And I do love those accents!

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