Day 12: Deep in the Heart of Me in Kindle Scout

Oh, I see! I don’t know how many votes I have for my book Deep in the Heart of Me. I only see page views! So I have another 22 page views for a total now of 842 and there are 17 days left. Can I make it to 1000? I hope so. Personal goal here. Again most of my views are from the site itself. Then FB.

Back to work today after being off last week. I got a lot done with writing last week. But the party is over for now. Lift that bar, tote that bail, get a little drunk…you know the rest. I won’t be lifting, toting or drinking. Thanks for voting if you have already. And if not…this could be the day!



One thought on “Day 12: Deep in the Heart of Me in Kindle Scout

  1. I LOVED this story when you had it posted on that fanfic sight. It totally doesn’t read like cheap fanfic either. Of course I heard about it on the Robsessed boards.
    So. I’ve pasted and followed the link you provided, and nominated your book! I didn’t get to finish this book before it was taken down, so I’m anxious!
    Will it be releasing soon?


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