Day 7 in Kindle Scout

Good morning! Here are the Kindle Scout stats from May 31st:  34 additional votes for a total of 767. My book, Deep in the Heart of Me, has been hot 106 hours out of 168 hours in the program. 22 days left.

Most of my votes were from the KS site. 2nd to that FB is my big driver. So there you have it, a day in the life of an Indie fiction writer trying out Amazon’s Kindle Scout initiative. In between this, I’ve been on vacation, helping my husband rip up our kitchen floor. Had to travel out of town for a funeral yesterday. Traveling to a graduation today. I am doing a rewrite of some of my post-WW2 book titled: Running With Monkeys. Nothing like some time off!

If you’ve voted–many thanks. If you haven’t–please do and may good fortune and splendid health follow you all the days of your life! Here is the link:

Field Day





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