Day 4, Kindle Scout

Saturdays stats:  25 days left.  95 of 96 hours in hot and trending. 606 total page views. 49 percent of my hits come from Kindle Scout directly, 51 percent come from external pages, largely my FB page.

So that is how it’s happening now! Thank you so much for voting for me. Here is the breakdown of each day’s votes:  Day 1, 378. Day 2, 87. Day 3, 56. Day 4, 85.

An aside, if you haven’t tried Martha Stewarts olive and cheese bread made in a cast iron pan, you’re missing out. It’s a bit of a process but so worth it. If you start today you can have this great bread for Memorial Day. Here’s the link:

See you tomorrow!

Olive and Cheese Loaf




















































































































































































































































































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