Yesterday’s Interview with RRBC’s Mr. Bill Ward

I wanted to share the experience of being interviewed by RRBC’s Mr. Bill Ward, yesterday. I was instructed to have a quiet environment for the radio interview. About an hour prior, the black clouds rolled in. I waited for the trumpet blast, signifying the end of the world, but it never came and the sky started to clear. Whew! Live to see another day…or do this interview! Hallelujah to both!

Oh, and I’m dog-sitting. And he’s a good quiet guy, except when we get a package and the mailwoman has to place the package on the porch in front of the window where Mr. Canine sits. He guards that porch, through the glass, like one of the hell hounds from Harry Potter. And there is no way to shut him up.

Sure enough, fifteen minutes before the interview went live, we got a freaking package and the dog lost its mind and that was that.

I called the New York number as instructed and a recording answered then Bill came on from Gloucester, England, and another author from Canada who was the backup author in the event I was a no show or as Bill put it, dropped dead.

But I didn’t. Drop dead. And the interview commenced. Mr. Bill’s partner came into where he was right before we went on and announced they had bought a horse. So Mr. Bill was the proud owner of a new horse…and we went live.

It was so much fun. Of course, you can hear for yourself how Mr. Bill was the most gracious host imaginable.

I wanted to give a shout out to his work. He writes thrillers:  Trafficking is Volume One of his trilogy. Here is the link to his work on Amazon.

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