Available Today on Amazon: Look How You Turned Out

Bedilia is home from Chicago. Things didn’t go as planned. She’d been sent off as a rising star. Her father never doubted she would take that city by the tail. He can’t imagine she’s home because her boss let her go. But as soon as she sees her father’s deputy, Marcus Stover, the sparks begin to fly. Marcus finally has a girlfriend. He’s held off dating for the sake of his ten-year-old son. But Jessica might be a good fit. She’s a sight more responsible than Marcus’s ex-wife. Leastways that’s his practical explanation he gives Bedilia when she probes a bit. And anyway, he finally admits, when she left for Chicago he’d dodged a bullet. Literally. Her father Artie had warned Marcus off his daughter years ago. And forget the fact that Artie was like a father to Marcus. But he was his boss and he did own a gun.





3 thoughts on “Available Today on Amazon: Look How You Turned Out

  1. I love it when I put a new book out, don’t you? I see that you have been doing very well with your books! Well done! It’s great connecting with you!


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