Twins! My Wounded Soldier Book One Fight for Glory and Book Two Fight for Love!

BOOK 1-aMy Wounded Soldier E-book CoverFight for Love is the second book in the story of Tom Tanner and Addie Varn. It opens with Tom’s words:

“I went to war the way boys do, scared and joyous and wondering. I followed my brother Gaylin and we followed Jimmy. We got home in different ways, mustered out older, some sick, some didn’t come home at all. I wasn’t planning on it, but my Pa came and got me in Springfield. I had lost my brother at Chickamauga. Only one taking it harder than me was my ma. So home I came, always the one to do the hard thing, that’s me. And there I met Addie Varn.

“Addie was widowed with two children Johnny and Janey. Well those three became mine. She is Addie Tanner now, and so it should be.

“So here I am, a newly married man just coming home from St. Louis, my son Johnny in tow. We left the female half in the city so Addie could settle her dead husband’s matters.

“Prior to marrying my bride I rode posse with Sheriff Jimmy and some others, my brother Gaylin among them, and we brought in the bodies of Boyle Monroe, nefarious train-robber and general lawbreaker. I have yet to collect my reward money and I am about to set out to do so once I settle my son at home with my family. So I am nearly a happy soul on this bright day when we cross onto Tanner land.”

Book Two is available for pre-order on Amazon and has a release date of August 8th. Book One: My Wounded Soldier, Fight for Glory is currently available.

Book Two, Fight for Love:

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