New Interview: Diane Munier Interviewed by Author Susan Leigh Noble

shutterstock_191860001Had the pleasure of being interviewed by Susan Leigh Noble on her blog Into Another World. Susan is a generous writer and according to her blog she has trouble finding writers to interview. Hence me. I stepped  into that empty room and said, “Hello?” and Susan was there.

The interview is about Finding My Thunder with mention of My Wounded Soldier. I think living between these two books is my happy place. What amazes me is the difference in the questions in each interview I have done. I hope my answers are as fascinating though that is probably (definitely) a stretch. I do find I can talk about writing endlessly. Really until an interview I do not speak about writing at all. So I guess it builds.

Actually, on closer look, wonderful though they are, the questions could be perceived as utilitarian. It’s what they make me think of that excites me, and that is about me, of course, so I’m a narcissist. Ah well, I’ll add that to my list.

Anyway, a big thanks to Susan and if you have the time and inclination here are the links to my pontificating.

Susan’s work can be found on Amazon at:

The interview can be found here:

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