Darnay Road launches tomorrow April 18th

Darnay Road CoverTomorrow is the launch of my new book Darnay Road. It starts out in 1963, spanning ten years in the life of Georgia Christine. At ten years old, she and her best friend Abigail May are mystery solvers. They get to the bottom of things like–what is inside the altar at their Catholic church? Rumor says the bones of the saints. Climbing that holy gate and entering the forbidden area so they can take a look means the threat of eternal flames is not greater than their curiosity.

It’s not different when they meet Easy and Cap, the brothers from the other side of the tracks. Those two may live on Scutter, the most down-and-out street in town, but they are always in the road riding their beat-up bicycles. And when someone dies on the tracks behind Abigail’s house, the mystery surrounding them deepens.

But so do their friendships. When Abigail moves away and Cap is no longer around, it’s as natural as breathing for Georgia and Easy to step in the gap toward one another. But Easy is in trouble and even a dedicated-mystery-solver-turned-teenage-problem-solver is limited in what she can do. When Easy has to leave will their friendship just be a sweet memory or can Darnay Road stretch long enough to keep them connected even if that gap becomes an ocean?

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